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MicroPayments – Fans Paysite: Paid Creator Subscriptions, Digital Assets, Tokens Wallet

MicroPayments – Fans Paysite: Paid Creator Subscriptions, Digital Assets, Tokens Wallet


Revolutionize how you monetize content with the MicroPayments – Fans Paysite plugin. This versatile solution empowers creators to sell subscriptions, manage digital assets, and operate seamless transactions via an integrated tokens/credits wallet system. Supports all major payment gateways with WooCommerce token packages, ensuring a frictionless payment experience. Perfect marketplace services for authors, educators, and digital artists looking to maximize their earnings through paid memberships and content sales.


  • Flexible Monetization: Offer creator subscriptions, pay-per-view content, and memberships tailored to various creator needs.
  • Direct Content Sales: Creators can directly sell access to posts, videos, downloads, live video streams, enhancing revenue opportunities.
  • Versatile Payment Integration: Supports all major gateways with WooCommerce, including PayPal, Stripe, CCBill for broad accessibility.
  • Reduced Transaction Fees: Streamline finances with microtransactions that cut down on costs.
  • Dynamic Wallet System: Enables secure, in-site transactions with internal credits and support for other popular wallets like TeraWallet and MyCred.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Features like crowdfunding and donations add interactive elements to content monetization.
  • Comprehensive Admin Control: Manage access, monitor transactions, and customize content offerings with ease.
  • BuddyPress Integration: Enhances community features, allowing for real-time updates and user interactions within the platform.

Key Features

  • 3 Wallet Tokens/Credits supported: internal, TeraWallet (for WooCommerce), MyCred
  • Tokens for micropayments can be purchased using multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Skrill (Moneybookers) NETbilling, CCBill, BitPay (bitcoin) or earned with site activities, depending on setup.
  • Authors/creators can sell subscriptions to their content: users can subscribe to authors for a recurring fee (per author) for access to their content
  • Webmaster can manage access to content (including pages, posts, customizable post types) by membership/role.
  • Authors/webmasters cans sell access to digital content (posts, custom posts as videos, pictures, documents, chat rooms)
  • Webmaster can Sell Site Membership: Users can obtain site roles (membership) by purchase or subscription.
  • Edit content page in frontend for authors to be able to manage individual post items (integrates automatically with VideoShareVOD videos, Picture Gallery pictures, PaidVideochat webcam rooms).
  • 3 paid content options: internal handler, WooCommerce product, MyCred Sell Content
  • Comment restrictions: also hide comments with paid content, limit comments per user (per post) except author, coauthors
  • WooCommerce content product: setup WC products that need to be purchased for access to post contents (for using with cart)
  • BuddyPress / BuddyBoss activity updates for new products, subscriptions, donations
  • My Content purchase list shortcode and page, showing all purchased products; products include button to access content
  • Multi wallet support (MyCred + TeraWallet WooCommerce)
  • Custom token packages as WooCommerce products
  • Wallet user page with shortcode [videowhisper_my_wallet]
  • Membership upgrade page with shortcode [videowhisper_membership_buy]
  • Downloads management: Digital media downloads
  • Donations/crowdfunding

Author Subscriptions

  • Authors can setup multiple subscription tiers (limited by webmaster settings), with custom label, description, duration (monthly, yearly, one time payment)
  • Authors can assign their content to subscription tiers
  • Clients can subscribe to author subscriptions, for access to their content
  • Optionally, each item accessible by subscription can also be provided for a price per item, for users that don’t want to subscribe
  • Customizable author earning ratio for subscription earnings
  • BuddyPress/BuddyBoss activity updates when users subscribe to authors
  • BuddyPress/BuddyBoss user tab with available subscriptions
  • Fans Paysite – Turnkey Fans Monetization Business Platform

Donations, Goals, CrowdFunding

  • enable donations for any content page
  • configure donation goals and/or crowdfunding
  • goals show progress bar and goal details on content page
  • crowfunding shows funders and their contributions including percents
  • donation button with wallet
  • donation dialog with customizable slider, AJAX (user does not leave content page to make donation)
  • customizable author earning ratio for donation/crowdfunding earnings

Paid Content: Posts as Digital Products

  • Content page aggregates the digital content (post types) available for sale.
  • Content types is configurable from MicroPayments settings, as custom posts types available for sale: videos, pictures, downloads, webcam rooms.
  • My Assets page enables providers to manage their content and set prices.
  • My Content page enables clients to access content they previously purchases.
  • Content Upload page enables providers to upload videos, pictures and documents from a single form (integrates Downloads, Video Share VOD](https://wordpress.org/plugins/video-share-vod/ “Video Share / Video On Demand Script”), Picture Gallery )
  • Content (custom posts) configured with price, can be sold with the WooCommerce integration as products and clients have to purchase the associated product to get access to that content.
  • Custom activity updates to BuddyPress/BuddyBoss/PeepSo with multiple asset mentions, including thumbnails
  • BuddyPress/BuddyBoss user tab with author content
  • Customizable author earning ratio for content sale earnings
  • Moderator roles can access content without paying
  • Also hides comments with paid post contents (configurable)
  • Coauthors: Asset owner can add coauthors to their assets (posts) and share earnings with them (configurable), access to content/comments

Downloads: Downloadable File Management

  • Enable file uploads from backend and frontend (with publisher access list)
  • Restrict access by membership roles
  • Sell downloads per item (as WooCommerce products or MyCred Sell Content addon)
  • Restrict allowed extensions (server side)
  • Obfuscated file name on server to prevent naming exploits

Recommended for use with these solutions

Benefits of using tokens include:

  • less transaction fees (clients fund their account once for multiple purchases)
  • cost control (clients can have added peace of mind and sensation of control for the fixed amount they pay),
  • payment in advance (clients prepay for future services) ,
  • increased sales (once the have the tokens they will put them to use faster than real money)

If you find this plugin idea useful or interesting, leave a review to help us drive more resources into further development and improvements.


MicroPayments Plugin

If you find this plugin idea useful or interesting, leave a review to help us drive more resources into further development and improvements.


  • See WordPress integration (after login):


More information, the latest updates, other plugins and non-WordPress editions can be found at https://videowhisper.com/ .


  • Wallets: MyCred, TeraWallet (WooCommerce)
  • Setup paid content (post/page) as WooCommerce product.
  • WooCommerce product for paid content.
  • Control access to content by membership/role.
  • Users can purchase membership with credits.
  • Edit, Wallet, Donate to Author for selected content types.
  • Donate to Author dialog: select amount.
  • Setup donation goals, crowdfunding
  • Donation goal, crowdfunding on content page
  • Digital asset management
  • Upload content with Plupload


  • Install and activate plugin
  • Setup membership packages from Paid Membership – Settings – Membership Levels
  • Go to Paid Membership – Settings – Billing section and make sure mycred is installed, active and configured
  • Use [videowhisper_membership_buy] shortcode to list packages in frontend to users
  • Use [videowhisper_my_wallet] shortcode to show wallet with buy credits options

If you find this plugin idea useful or interesting, leave a review to help us drive more resources into further development and improvements.


July 21, 2023 1 reply
This plugin is awesome. Here the full content is being restricted. It was great if the content before the <!–more–> tag was visible to viewers and only the content after the <!–more–> tag was restricted. This plugin is great for monetizing your website of any type and for any purpose. I am happy with this plugin. *Just try this plugin. You will love it.
September 9, 2022
Videowhisper memberships I have experienced the ins and out and had a great fast set up from Videowhisper. I would recommend Videowhisper for sure.
March 28, 2021
This plugin has allowed me to easily create a wallet system for my website, where people can buy credit and use it to donate to each other for their content. I had been looking for something like this, and this has been a fantastic solution. It can be used to donate to any post type, I integrate it with other plugins and use it for blog posts, events and courses. Integrates with Woo Commerce and Tera Wallet, and can all be used for free. The support has been great, I have always had quick responses and the team as followed up with me beyond expectation.
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Contributors & Developers

“MicroPayments – Fans Paysite: Paid Creator Subscriptions, Digital Assets, Tokens Wallet” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Guest upload shortcode [videowhisper_content_upload_guest] with reCaptcha, email notification, visitor support


  • Content listing tabs
  • Contet type tabs: All, Video, Picture
  • Access filter tabs: All, Subscription, Paid, Premium, Free


  • Coauthors: asset owner can add coauthors to share earnings, with custom percents for each, from asset edit page
  • List author and coauthors on content page (for set post types) with links to their BP or WP pages
  • Coauthors can access their content (similar to moderators)
  • Add/remove featured image when editing content (post)


  • Hide comments with paid content (option)
  • Limit comments per user (per post), except author


  • Separately customizable author earning ratio for donations, content sales, subscriptions
  • Minimum/maximum limits for subscription cost (that authors define)
  • Moderator roles can access content without paying


  • BuddyPress/BuddyBoss user tabs with author content
  • BuddyPress/BuddyBoss user tabs with author subscriptions
  • My Subscriptions page, shortcode for client to list and manage subscriptions


  • Author Subscription
  • Translation POT file
  • Integrate HTML5 recording
  • Integrate posting to BuddyPress/BuddyBoss/PeepSo with asset mentions
  • Micropayments paid content handler with custom access price and duration (hours), in addition to WooCommerce products and MyCred Sell Content


  • Donation goals
  • Crowdfunding


  • Content Upload page integrates Plupload to handle uploads as Documents (Downloads), Videos, Pictures
  • Quickly post to PeepSo activity stream


  • Paid content list aggregating multiple post types


  • Content dashboard for sellers and buyers


  • WooCommerce paid content integration


  • Downloads manager
  • Publishers can upload files
  • Files access can be restricted by membership
  • Pay per download


  • TeraWallet/WooWallet integration (with WooCommerce billing options)
  • Multi wallet support (MyCred + WooWallet)
  • Wallet user page with shortcode [videowhisper_my_wallet]
  • Semantic UI frontend interface integration


  • Control access to content by membership / role, from backend contend editor
  • Delete membership for user
  • Protect administrator accounts from changing role with membership


  • Edit content on a custom page /edit-content/?editID=[post id]
  • Set paid content with mycred plugin
  • Automatically detected and integrated for VideoShareVOD videos
  • Only owner and administrator can edit


  • Improvements


  • Original release