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StoreGrowth — Best WooCommerce Marketing Solution — Fly Cart, Direct Checkout, Add To Cart Redirect, BOGO, Quick View, Sales Countdown Timer, Floating Notification Bar, Live Sales Notifications, Upsell Order Bump & More to boost sales

StoreGrowth — Best WooCommerce Marketing Solution — Fly Cart, Direct Checkout, Add To Cart Redirect, BOGO, Quick View, Sales Countdown Timer, Floating Notification Bar, Live Sales Notifications, Upsell Order Bump & More to boost sales


Maximize your WooCommerce sales with powerful marketing modules such as fly cart, direct checkout, add to cart redirect, bogo, quikc view, upsell order bump, sales countdown, live sales notification, and many more!

StoreGrowth is a conversion-boosting toolkit to help you optimize your sales campaigns for the best results. It offers you 10+ powerful marketing modules in one place, so you don’t need to use multiple plugins to increase sales.

  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It is standalone with no page builder dependency.
  • Compatible with all popular WordPress themes.

The best part is, that each module on the StoreGrowth is powerful alone, and together you can enjoy significant growth in your WooCommerce store.

StoreGrowth is specially built for WooCommerce marketers who are looking for a complete and easy-to-use solution to increase conversions.

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Why Use StoreGrowth?

Online shoppers love deals and promotions. The WooCommerce checkout is not convincing enough for buyers to take action.

As a store owner, you can not just sit relax, and hope to make sales. You need to apply different tactics to attract your targeted buyers to make the purchasing decision.

StoreGrowth is the only solution you need to level up your marketing game.

  • Transform your WooCommerce checkout into a seamless experience with fly carts.

  • Increase AOV with strategic upsell order bump offers at the checkout.

  • Create Urgency and FOMO with the Sales Countdown Timer and draw your customers’ attention.

  • Streamline the buying process by replacing the ‘Add to Cart’ button with the ‘Buy Now’ button.

  • Promote your deals and discounts with a highly customizable floating notification bar.

  • Encourage bigger orders with real-time free shipping custom messages.

  • Build trust with real-time sales notifications on your site.

  • Create a sense of scarcity by representing the stock levels of each product on the shop page.

  • Allow users to quickly view key product details with a lightbox modal.

  • Create exclusive BOGO offers and promote them to engage your audience.

All The Modules of StoreGrowth At A Glance

  • Fly Cart

  • Direct Checkout

  • Sales Countdown Timer

  • Upsell Order Bump

  • Floating Notification Bar

  • Free Shipping Rules

  • Stock Count Bar

  • Live Sales Notification

  • Quick View (New)

  • BOGO (New)

Everything You Need To Make Your WooCommerce Marketing Effortless

StoreGrowth has all the powerful features that you need to increase sales and average order value with the highest converting checkout.

**👉 Fly Cart: **

The fly cart feature creates a side cart in your WooCommerce store. Your customers can add products to the cart, review their order, and proceed to checkout without leaving the shop page. It provides a user-friendly and efficient way to manage their orders and proceed to checkout.

You can decide how you want to display the fly cart, and what contents the fly cart will have with design customization options.

✅ Real-Time Update: As customers add items or remove items, the fly cart will be automatically updated.
✅ One-Click Checkout: Simplify the checkout process with a one-click option.
✅ Design Flexibility: Customize the design and cart details to align with your brand seamlessly.

The fly cart enhances the cart functionality and improves the overall shopping journey for your customers.

**👉 Sales Countdown Timer: **

Sales Countdown Timer allows you to promote your deals and promotions with FOMO. It is the best way to remind them of limited-time offers and motivate immediate action before the deal disappears. It creates excitement around your store and engages your audience.

In StoreGrowth, you can create visually appealing and functional WooCommerce countdown timers. You get total flexibility on the customization of the sales countdown timer. Plus, you can display the countdown timers on the shop page and product page.

✅ Design customization options for heading, border, background, and timer.
✅ Ready-made countdown timer templates.
✅ Flexibility to select specific products for display.
✅ Create multiple countdown timers and display them with shortcodes.

**👉 WooCommerce Direct Checkout: **

The WooCommerce Direct Checkout option allows you to replace the “Add to Cart” button with a “Buy Now” button. Not only that, you get to choose what this additional button will be and how you want to place it on your shop page.

And the best part is, you can design this button according to your brand, highlight it on the product page and shop page, and redirect this button wherever you want.

✅ Replace your “Add to Cart” with a “Buy Now” button for direct checkout.
✅ Apply “Buy Now” for high-demand items or limited-time promotions.
✅ Customize the design of your “Buy Now” button to match your brand perfectly.

**👉 Live Sales Notification: **

Online shoppers coming to your WooCommerce store may be hesitant to make purchases without social proof or a feeling of product popularity. Real-time sales notifications showcasing recent purchases, build trust and encourage action from hesitant visitors.

The Live Sales Popup Notification feature allows you to generate real-time sales alerts, showcasing recent purchases made by other customers. It will act as social proof to boost your sales and conversions.

✅ Easily create sales notification popups with ready-to-use templates.
✅ Design and message customization for brand consistency.
✅ Choose between displaying notifications for the latest purchases or specific products.
✅ Select time delay for displaying the live sales notifications popup.

**👉 Free Shipping Rule: **

If you are offering free shipping over an amount, then this is the feature you need. The free shipping rule is the best way to encourage your customers to increase their cart value.

In StoreGrowth, you can display a customizable free shipping banner on your store. You can set the cart amount for buyers to qualify for the free shipping.

As buyers add items to the cart, the banner text will be automatically updated based on the required value. So, customers can easily know the progress they are making toward qualifying for free shipping.

✅ Real-time update on progress towards free shipping.
✅ Create custom offers or discounts to suit your marketing goals.
✅ Clearly define the threshold for qualifying for free shipping.

Customers can instantly see how close they are to reaching the minimum cart value for free shipping. This creates transparency and motivation for additional purchases.

**👉 Checkout Upsell Order Bump: **

With the Checkout Upsell Order Bump feature, you can place attractive additional products within the checkout process.

StoreGrowth allows you to create upsell order bump offers where you can choose target products and offer products with discounts. You can design the bump offer box and schedule it for your next sales campaign.

✅ Specify categories or products for more effective and personalized upselling.
✅ Set the duration of upsell offers to align with your marketing strategy.
✅ Create multiple order bump offers to increase AOV.

👉 Stock Count Progress Bar:

The Stock Count Progress Bar offers customers a real-time visual indicator of the available stock for a specific product. This visual representation dynamically adjusts as purchases are made. It gives customers instant feedback on the product’s popularity and availability.

The highlight of this feature is its ability to create a sense of urgency. As customers see reducing stock levels through the progress bar, they are motivated to make timely purchases to secure the product before it gets stocked out.

✅ Display customizable stock count bars on the shop page & product page.
✅ Design your stock bar easily with ready-made templates
✅ Showcase stock warning messages based on the stock you have to encourage your visitors even more. For example, Hurry Up! Only 2 Stocks Are Left!!

👉 Quick View (new):

Navigating and managing items within the cart can be a tiring process for WooCommerce shoppers. The quick view can easily improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Quick View allows your customers to instantly preview key product details like images, descriptions, and pricing with just a single click from the shop page with a visually appealing lightbox modal. Shoppers can quickly explore the product and easily add it to their cart – all without leaving the shop page.

✅ Customers can rapidly evaluate products and compare options for faster decision-making.
✅ With a frictionless shopping flow, fewer shoppers abandon their carts due to frustration from excessive clicking.
✅ Get full flexibility in designing your quick view modal.

👉 BOGO (new):

The BOGO (Buy One Get One) feature in StoreGrowth allows WooCommerce store owners to easily create compelling BOGO deals and offers for their customers. With BOGO, you can set up two types of offers:

  1. BUY X GET X Offer: Customers who purchase a specified quantity of a product can get an additional quantity of the same product for free or at a discounted price.

  2. BUY X GET Y Offer: Customers who purchase a specified quantity of one product can get a different product for free or at a discounted price.

  • You can set a minimum quantity that customers must purchase to qualify for the BOGO offer.

  • BOGO offers can be scheduled for specific periods, allowing you to run time-limited promotions.

  • You can choose whether the additional product in the BOGO offer is provided for free or at a discounted percentage.

  • The plugin offers full design customization options for the BOGO offer box.

  • Enhance the visibility of your BOGO products on the shop page with exclusive badge icons, making it easier for customers to identify and take advantage of these special offers.

Documentation and Support

Explore our comprehensive documentation and tutorials on our Documentation page to make the most out of StoreGrowth features.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please visit our support forum on the Plugin’s Forum.

For detailed information about features, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and comprehensive documentation, visit our official website at StoreGrowth.



  1. Upload the StoreGrowth – Sales Booster for WooCommerce plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. Just search with this plugin name StoreGrowth – Sales Booster.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Sales Booster admin menu to configure the plugin


What is WooCommerce Sales Booster?

StoreGrowth – WooCommerce Sales Booster is a robust plugin designed to enhance sales and boost conversions on your WooCommerce store.

How do I activate my pro plan?

Go to the StoreGrowth website or click here to choose a pro plan.

Is StoreGrowth compatible with other WordPress themes?

StoreGrowth is compatible with various popular WordPress themes and creates an amazing experience with sales booster modules.

How can I get support?

Storegrowth has a 24/7 dedicated developer team to provide support for any inconvenience.

Do you have a documentation guide?

StoreGrowth has a detailed document guide to learn how you can use the plugin and customize the design according to your website. Learn More

Can I set up campaigns for specific products?

Yes, You can set up a campaign for specific products. Go to WordPress dashboard > Products > select the product > sales countdown > then set sales start to end date and discount percentage. Learn More

Will it affect product loading time?

StoreGrowth is a lightweight plugin that reduces the impact on the website performance to ensure fast loading time.

Can I show different upsell products bump for specific products?

It is easy to set different upsell order bumps. Go to StoreGrowth dashboard > create new > select targeted products and category > select offer products and your order bump is ready. Learn More

How does the stock progress bar help to increase sales?

Real-time stock progress creates a missing-out scarcity. Therefore before stock finishing customers secure the desired product.

Will quick cart show real-time updates and subtotals of products?

Yes, After adding a product it shows subtotal, and also products can be added or removed from the quick cart.

How does the floating notification bar work?

StoreGrowth floating notification bar displays ongoing offers and discounts while visitors are browsing the website. It creates great attention and helps to convert visitors into sales.

StoreGrowth has all the amazing sales booster modules for WooCommerce store. A sales booster strategy is a quicker and simpler way to attract visitors to browse more and encourage them to purchase. It creates a positive impact on your customers. Furthermore, skyrocket your business growth.


April 23, 2024
I recently installed the Countdown Timer plugin by StoreGrowth and soon encountered an issue. Given my past experiences with other plugins, I was not expecting any support since I was using the free version. Despite this, I reached out to StoreGrowth in hopes of finding a solution. To my surprise, they responded promptly and resolved my issue with professionalism. Their exceptional service has greatly impressed me and made me consider upgrading to the paid version. I highly recommend this plugin for its effective functionality and excellent customer support.Thank you ♥
April 1, 2024
I am more of a shopify person, and wanted to use Woocommerce on a new e-com store. This is when I met up with StoreGrowth founder Mehedi and I am impressed with what StoreGrowth plugin can deliver. It has so many modules that I only need a few more other plugins (like loyalty program) which I hope they add in Storegrowth too.The plugin keeps on improving. And happy that I am a user.Do check out my live stream with Storegrowth founder by going to Youtube and searching for StoreGrowth and Non-tech Techie. This would help you understand what this plugin can offer.
February 8, 2024
I am using StoreGrowth, and it’s a game-changer for my shop. It has essential features like Floating Cart, Direct Checkout, and Live Sales Notifications all in one plugin. This allowed me to deactivate all other similar plugins because StoreGrowth offers all these features combined. As a result, it has increased my site’s speed. The admin interface is nice and clean, and most of the features are unlocked and easy to use.
December 22, 2023
Used this on one of my ecommerce websites. The set up was pretty easy and implementation was smooth. Used specifically the Sales Countdown Timer and Free Shipping bar. To my astonishment I found that the engagement from potential customers had increased significantly. Would definitely recommend this to anyone and will personally use on other projects in future.
December 15, 2023
StoreGrowth plugin made a noticeable difference in my WooCommerce store. It enhances the shopping experience for my customers, and I’ve seen positive reactions from them. The live sales notifications create a sense of trust, and the quick cart simplifies the checkout process. It’s a valuable addition to my WordPress site. Thanks to the Invizo team for this practical solution.
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“StoreGrowth — Best WooCommerce Marketing Solution — Fly Cart, Direct Checkout, Add To Cart Redirect, BOGO, Quick View, Sales Countdown Timer, Floating Notification Bar, Live Sales Notifications, Upsell Order Bump & More to boost sales” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.28.8 – 23 April, 2024

fix: countdown timer script issue
enhance: add variable product support for upsell order bump

1.27.8 – 05 April, 2024

fix: order bump offer price

1.27.7 – 17 March, 2024

enhance: release BOGO module

1.26.7 – 17 March, 2024

enhance: release quick view module

1.25.7 – 10 March, 2024

enhance: add onboarding screen

1.24.7 – 10 March, 2024

update: fly cart icon and prompt text
fix: add theme compatibility

1.24.6 – 10 March, 2024

enhance: fly cart ui design
update: update logo and icon in dashboard

1.24.5 – 06 March, 2024

enhance: add font family customize option for countdown settings & fix template two heading ui stuff

fix: bar button layout design, touch preview.

enhance: close button popup visibility

fix: free shipping bar documentation redirection issue

enhance: implement settings undo option for free shipping bar & sales countdown

enhance: implement bump type selection & dependencies for offer selection

enhance: implement buy now button ui customization functionalities for direct checkout module

enhance: implement cart cta button for free shipping bar

enhance: add validation for cta url & add pro prompts for direct checkout ui

doc: module renamed

enhance: make compatible with updated ui & design

enhance: make compatible with countdown premium styles

enhance: update undo state & make it individual color settings

fix: free shipping bar documentation redirection issue

enhance: implement settings undo option for free shipping bar & sales countdown

enhance: implement bump type selection & dependencies for offer selection

enhance: implement buy now button ui customization functionalities for direct checkout module

enhance: implement cart cta button for free shipping bar

enhance: add validation for cta url & add pro prompts for direct checkout ui

enhance: update undo state & make it individual color settings

enhance: add font family customize option for countdown settings & fix template two heading ui stuff

enhance: make compatible with updated ui & design

enhance: readded undo init codes during merge conflicts

enhance: add text radio box component

enhance: implement low stock warning msg preview for stock bar

enhance: make compatible warning message with premium version

enhance: make compatible with template

fix: quantity template replacement by stock quantity

1.1.3 – 17 January, 2024

fix deactivate module
update readme description


update readme text


fix composer issue


Release date: 01/15/2024

refactored codebase and checked Compatibility


initila release