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Testimonial Awesome is a Testimonial Plugin WordPress that helps you display testimonials from your clients with an attractive, beautiful, and stunning appearance on your website. Animated transitions feature testimonials with carousels, sliders, and fade animations with support for text and images. You can create beautiful and stunning testimonials easily in less than 5 minutes.

Testimonials Awesome are perfect for those of you who want to display client testimonials with a stunning appearance. Complete with the many possibilities for you to customize it to fit the theme that You use.


With stunning 15+ design templates for your testimonials, Your website will look more impressive. You will gain trust and increase your business/project’s value in the eyes of potential clients.

With testimonials awesome, it will be effortless and fast for you to create a stunning WordPress testimonials display for your website. So it will save a lot of time and even money.

Our support team is ready to help you. Besides that, we supply good documentation with images instructions for every essential step to save your time using Testimonial Awesome for your WordPress website.

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  • 15+ ready Testimonial design templates
  • 100+ design possibility
  • 5-minute creation
  • Creates unlimited Testimonial
  • Carousel testimonial style
  • Grid testimonial style
  • Information on hover
  • Full image testimonial style
  • Full image with information
  • Thumbnails page layout
  • Testimonial with navigation
  • Multiple Transition and animation
  • Work with any themes
  • Multiple staff on one page
  • Drag and drop Testimonial item order
  • Clone testimonial item
  • Customize testimonial name color
  • Customize testimonial Quote color
  • Customize testimonial icon color
  • Customize testimonial icon hover
  • Customize Icon Background Hover Color
  • Customize Testimonial Background color
  • Customize Slider Arrow Color
  • Customize Slider Dots Color
  • Upload Image testimonial
  • Loop option
  • Autoplay options
  • Customize Autoplay Speed
  • Social media Icon from Font Awesome icons
  • Insert Testimonial using shortcode
  • Insert Testimonial using Gutenberg block
  • Insert Testimonial using Elementor block
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Cross-browser tested

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Two easy steps in creating a Testimonial with Testimonial Awesome Plugin:

  1. Creating a Testimonial
  2. Insert to a page with the shortcode, elementor, Gutenberg

Testimonial Awesome will be perfect for those of you who:

  • Company testimonial
  • Program testimonial
  • Project testimonial
  • Personal Testimonial
  • E-Book testimonial
  • Services testimonial
  • Rental Testimonial
  • Plugin testimonial
  • Themes testimonial
  • Software testimonial
  • Store testimonial
  • Transportation testimonial
  • Online store testimonial
  • Law firm testimonial
  • Product testimonial
  • Training testimonial
  • Fashion products testimonial
  • Game testimonial
  • Band testimonial
  • Event testimonial
  • Restaurant testimonial
  • School testimonial


Testimonial Slider Hiji
Display slider style for each Testimonial with arrow navigation and transitions split each testimonial movement. will be perfect with client/customer pictures with a transparent background.

Thumbnail Grid Testimonial Dua
Thumbnail WordPress testimonials with a unique layout, where testimonials from quotes appear like a bubble chat repeatedly or with mouse hover. will blend in with various themed websites.

Testimonial Slider Tilu
Testimonial slider for each Testimonial with arrow navigation in pictures of client/customer completed with testimonial quotes of the name on the left side.

Accordion Testimonial Opat
The testimonials’ vertical view showcases the photos, client names, and jobs of each testimonial quote. A button that opens a link like an accordion containing text for additional information of the Testimonial.

Testimonial Slider Lima
Display testimonials with the client’s name as the main navigation. Your client’s full image display looks beautiful, with testimonial quotes appearing in harmony with the image with smooth transitions and animations on each testimonial section. It is suitable for those who want to display the beauty of pictures in your Testimonial.

Testimonial Slider Dalapan
Slider type of testimonial quote fits perfectly with a minimalist and simple home page. The combination of round client images and large space for testimonial quotes is excellent, combined with a navigation arrow or slide for transferring each Testimonial.

Testimonial Carousel Salapan
Testimonials displayed a slick carousel style. The chat bubble theme on the quotes testimonials adds to the customer testimonial beautiful appearance on your website.

Testimonial Carousel Sabelas
Testimonial carousel with a card style focuses on testimonial sliders in the middle and blurred others, perfect for those who like modern and straightforward designs.

Testimonial Carousel limabelas
Displaying customer testimonial for your website with a minimalist 4-row layout, with rounded images that make the design look modern. Box with rounded corners adds to your testimonials beautiful appearance, which adds value to your website/company.

Slider Testimonial Tujuh Belas
The client/customer’s name that displayed as the primary navigation with different color highlights customized. Complete with detailed client/customer info and testimonials quote is presented and elegantly. The smooth animation when the testimonial quotes appear will amaze anyone who looks at your customer testimonial.

Accordion Testimonial Dalapan Belas
A vertical customer testimonial page with a beautiful round image design arrangement, on a line to the text description card with stunning card animation on testimonial quote, makes the design look professional, minimalist, and modern. Suitable for those who want to show your testimonial quote look attractive with your WordPress Website.

Carousel Testimonial Salapan Belas
The Testimonial Card style looks aesthetic and modern with automatic moving animation on the testimonial image. Makes this testimonial style look beautiful for your customer testimonial page.

Testimonial Grid Dua Belas
The portrait grid style in displaying the customer testimonial page looks stunning and combined with images. The combination of pictures of client names and testimonials makes the whole appearance beautiful.

Testimonial Grid Tilu Belas
WordPress testimonials showcase a grid with up to 4 columns. The client’s image becomes background with testimonial quotes and where the client is in front of him.

Testimonial Grid Opat Belas
Testimonial grid style with a shape like a bubble chat for testimonials quotes looks minimalist and modern. It will be suitable for various website themes that you use.

Carousel Testimonial Dua Belas
Portrait style in the carousel card, displaying the Testimonial looks stunning and combined with images. The combination of pictures of client names and testimonials makes the whole appearance beautiful.

Carousel Testimonial Tilu Belas
Beautiful Testimonial carousel card with full image for each testimony comes with navigation arrow and dot pagination. Will make the display of customer testimonials for your website even more stunning.

Carousel Testimonial Opat Belas
WordPress testimonials with carousel style and a shape like a bubble chatted for testimonials quotes and coupled with a navigation arrow or slide for transferring each Testimonial look minimalist and modern. Suitable for those who want to show your testimonial quote look stunning with your WordPress Website.

Carousel Testimonial Lima Belas
Testimonial card with an underlying profile image of your client blends sweetly with the carousel style. It is suitable for you to install on a website with a minimalist and straightforward theme. Making testimonials look minimalistic, modern, and stunning.

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Is there a time period for using Testimonial Awesome?

No, you can use Testimonial Awesome onwards.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! Testimonial Awesome will Works With Any Theme

What if I update to Testimonial Awesome to Pro?

Your existing content will work with Testimonial Awesome PRO. So you won’t lose your contents.

How do I translate the plugin?

We recommended Loco Translate for translate.for details on how to use it you can read our online documentation.


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