This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



This Plugin makes it totally easy to implement Cufon into your WordPress Blog.
The only thing you have to do is converting your fontfiles and upload them into the plugins font directory.
You can enable the objects you want to get replaced in the Admin Menu of your WordPress Blog.

– bug fix. sorry again. should sleep a bit more 🙂
– now its back like it was at 1.6.8 – will fix the underscore bug later.

– a font name with an underscore is now recognised (thanks micky!)
– for your security: backup your replacement code before updating!

– fixed save-bug! sorry!

– Bugfixes (thanks Curtis McHale!)
– ie9 now supported

– Bugfix: <? changed to <?php – now it should work on servers that only allow php-scripts with the <?php call.

– some major changes done! the firefox error “9” is fixed – and now you can set the positions where the plugin loads in your template!

– bugfix for wordpress 3.0(b) to get the plugin back to work. (+ some infos added for working with fontnames) (thanks tomas!)

– font names with a dash are now matched (thanks Michael!)

– small changes
– added a new hint in “FAQ”

– Sorry. My fault. I did something wrong during uploading to the WordPress Repository. Im new to this. So now comes version 1.6.1

– With great feedback from Michael A. Alderete now we are able to use WP-Cufon in different directories than the standard /wp-content/plugins/ – thats great. The plugin now also looks for your WP_CONTENT_DIR in wp-config.
– now you can set a font with Cufon.set(‘fontFamily’, ‘Your Font Name’)
– updated to the latest cufon-yui.js (v1.02)

– Changed: Now the plugin only loads the needed fonts that are entered by your replacement scripts (for this you have to enter the exact fontFamily names!) (Thanks John!)
– Added: Font-Directory. To keep your own files wp-cufon now uses an external font-folder! check the “installation” page.
– Added: WordPress 2.8.1 compatibility
– Changed: now with compressed cufon-yui.js
– Added: “Delay Fix”-Option to hack the delay on some websites. (beta)
– Still ToDo: Fix the PlugIn to work with WordPress installations in own subdirectories. (Help needed!)

– Updated to the latest cufon.js (still uncompressed)
– but the important thing now: i deleted the linotype frutiger fontfile
– PLEASE DELETE THE Frutiger_LT_Std.font.js – We/You dont have any license for that!!!
– now wp-cufon comes with the nice freefont “Vegur” (regular & bold)
– i have to say sorry to you and sorry to linotype!

– Updated cufon to the latest changes from sorccu
– e.g. line-heigt fix for ie6/7 and much more

– Fixed a bug: on some server it was impossible to save changes
– Added a checkbox to enable jQuery (it works in non conflict mode, only if necessary!) – now you can use #selector in your cufon scripts.
– updated to newest cufon-yui.js

– New cufon-yui.js – the developer added kerning! yeah. You need to re-render your fontfiles with the generator.

– Added JavaScript function for better InternetExplorer compatibility (important!)

– Fixed first value (stripslashes) (thanks Ryan!)

– Bugfix
– added first (h1) value

Initial Release


  • Some free Fonts ...


  1. Upload wp-cufon folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Convert or get some compatible .font.js fontfiles
  4. Create a directory with the name fonts in /wp-content/plugins/
  5. Upload your font-files to /wp-content/plugins/fonts/
  6. Go to the Settings Page and enter your replacement codes with the “font-family” names of your fonts
    –> Example: Cufon.replace(‘h1’, { fontFamily: ‘Vegur’ });
    –> you can test the free Vegur fontfile from /wp-cufon/example/ – load the file into your external font directory.


It won’t run

Please have a look in your Blogs Sourcecode and look out if there are any “WP Cufon” tags.
If yes, then it should do the work. Maybe your fontfiles are corrupt or not recognized.
See if they are in the right directory. If yes, look again in the Sourcecode of your Blog – now there should be a JavaScript that loads your fontfile.
Now check if you entered the right replacement source in the Settings Menu of the Plugin. See the samples or the screenshot!

I’m getting some foreach() errors on my homepage

You have to create the /wp-content/plugins/font/ directory and upload some fontfiles into it. Then the error message will hopefully disappear!

I added the right fontname to the replacement code, but nothing happens

Try to open the fonts .js file and change the Fontname into one single word or delete the spaces in the name!
Original MyFont.js: Cufon.registerFont({“w”:200,”face”:{“font-family”:”Arial Black Extended”
Changed: MyFont.js: Cufon.registerFont({“w”:200,”face”:{“font-family”:”ArialBlackExtended”

No font.js files get loaded in the sourcecode / no error message

Sometimes it happend, that you have to rename your font.js files to the same scheme like the font-family string in your font file!
so if your font-family string in your file is “Trade18” try to rename your font file to “Trade18.js”. Hope it helps!


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