This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Link View


The purpose of this plugin is to to show the wordpress integrated links in a list or a slider by using a shortcode or a widget.

Current Features:

  • the shortcode [linkview] can be used to add the links in a post or page
  • the widget “LinkView” can be used to add links in a sidebar
  • the links can be displayed in a list or in a slider
  • there are many options available to adjust the output of the links (see shortcode options in the “About LinkView” page)
  • the image of the link can also be displayed
  • categories and/or links can be displayed in multicolumn layout
  • option to set additional css styles for the link-lists and link-sliders
  • the required user roles to edit links can be adjusted in the settings page


If you want to follow the development status have a look at the git-repository on github.
Feel free to add your merge requests there, if you want to help to improve the plugin.


Please help translating this plugin into multiple languages.
You can submit your translations at
There the source strings will be kept in sync with the actual development version. And in each plugin release the available translation files will be updated.


  • Admin about page
  • Available shortcode attributes – Part 1
  • Available shortcode attributes – Part 2
  • Admin settings page
  • Linkview Widget
  • Simple example page with a small link list


The easiest version of installing is to go to the admin page. There you can install new plugins in the menu Plugins -> Add new. Search for “Link View” and press “Install now”.

If you want to install the plugin manually download the zip-file and extract the files into your wp-content/plugins folder.


Is it possible to use the shortcode in a widget?

Yes, a widget especially for the use of the [linkview] shortcode is included in this plugin. Insert the widget LinkView in your sidebar and set all attributes you want to change in the appropriate field.

Is it possible to add multiple slider on one site?

Yes, since version 0.3.0 you can use as much sliders as you want on one site.

Can I call the shortcode directly via php e.g. for my own template, theme or plugin?

Yes, you can create an instance of the “SC_Linkview” class which located in “php/sc_linkview.php” in the plugin folder and call the function show_html($atts).With $atts you can specify all the shortcode attributes you require. Another possibility would be to call the wordpress function “do_shortcode()”.


March 23, 2020
Hi I can see you’ve put a lot of work into this widget but at the moemnet it only partially works. As far as I can see it adds two separate widgets in the Wordpress widgets window (1) Links (2) LinkView (1) Links works fine but the links are separated by a line and a gap that take up a lot of screen height and are not what I want. (2) LinkView works fine as long as you don’t assign a short code. If you do add a shortcode [linkview] or [linkview cat_filter=’Links”] for example your Wordpress site freezes when it gets to draw the widget on screen. As far as I can see if you haven’t added a category then no links are displayed only the title. I’m confused – why are they are two widgets? At the moment your widget has a problem and is just limping along. Why don’t Jetpack create a simple widget to allow you to create a simple list of links – what’s so difficult? Obviously I am in a very small minority that thinks this functionality is important.
January 7, 2020
This plugin has been my go to to manage links for my WordPress sites for a long time. I really appreciate all it does for me. It makes adding links into pages simple and straightforward and allows me to change links in one place and update everywhere that link appears in a fell swoop. Awesome!
December 29, 2018
I want to see the list with shortcodes… Normally under the link “about Linkview” there is a mention: “Below you can find tables with all supported attributes, their descriptions and available options” But there is nowhere a table to be seen at that page. Sad, I hope this will get fixed very soon. When it is fixed I’ll give it a 5 star rating!
September 22, 2016
Plugin does as promised on the box. Nice link lists with user (client) friendly admin, intuitive category and link management, seamless custom post feel. Outputs raw classed and divved html with optional(!) user-css. Perfect for custom theme integration. Wut? Style raw output myself? No css bloat? A rarity indeed. Thank you dev!
September 3, 2016
Does exactly what it says on the box. Simple enough documentation. Made the task of creating a links strip on a site homepage very easy. Thanks.
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Contributors & Developers

“Link View” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “Link View” into your language.

Interested in development?

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0.8.0 (2020-11-29)

  • raise minimum required PHP version to 5.6
  • some internal code refactoring (namespaces, file structure, …)
  • added setting to add custom css classes
  • added a shortcode attribute to add custom css classes
  • added category css classes for each link
  • change shortcode boolean attributes from ‘1’ and ‘0’ to ‘true’ and ‘false’ (numbers are still working)
  • changed css class prefix from ‘lv’ to ‘lvw’. Attention: If you use these class names in your CSS or the custom CSS option you have to update the CSS there!

0.7.3 (2020-04-19)

  • fixed warnings for PHP-versions < 7.0
  • small improvement in link_rel handling
  • prepare missing texts for translation and improve helptexts
  • updated german translation

0.7.2 (2018-11-25)

  • complete code rewrite:
    • switched to wordpress coding standard
    • added comments for all files, classes and functions
    • code check with phpcs and phan
    • use shortcode class instances instead of singleton

0.7.1 (2017-08-13)

  • added shortcode attribute “show_num_links”
  • changed default value for cat_filter from “all” to an empty string (“all” is deprecated now)
  • splitted admin about page in 2 tabs (general and shortcode attributes)
  • added information about translations
  • updated masonry script to version 4.2
  • prepare more strings for translation add added german translations for them
  • Rise mimimum required WordPress version to 3.8
  • moved screenshots to assets folder

0.7.0 (2017-01-20)

  • added multi-language-support (not all strings translatable yet)
  • added german translation
  • moved helptexts into separate file and only load them if required
  • updated masonry script from version 3.2.2 to 4.1.1
  • removed deprecated shortcode attributes “cat_name” and “target”
  • changed link to renamed github-repository

Attention: Due to a change of a filename the plugin probably gets deactivated after upgrade! Please check the plugin settings and activate link-view again if required!

0.6.4 (2016-10-31)

  • added minified version of slider-script
  • consolidate and improve multi-column support for categories and link-lists
  • updated help texts for multi-column support
  • some css changes for multi-column support
  • security improvement for external links

Attention: This version includes some modifications in multi-column layout, which can break existing shortcodes! So if you already use the multi-column feature for categories and/or links please check the output of your link page after the update. If the layout is broken you can find help in the admin page: Links -> About LinkView.

0.6.3 (2016-04-20)

  • added shortcode attribute “link_rel”
  • added shortcode attribute “link_item_img”
  • renamed shortcode attribute “target” to “link_target”
  • added shortcode attribute “target” and marked it as deprecated

Attention: The shortcode attribute “target” is deprecated since this version and will be removed in a future version. So please change your existing shortcodes to the new attribute name “link_target” !

0.6.2 (2015-11-09)

  • added advanced multi-column options for categories

0.6.1 (2015-02-07)

  • added shortcode attribute to set multiple columns for links
  • added shortcode attribute cat_filter which replaces cat_name
  • marked shortcode attribute cat_name as deprecated

0.6.0 (2014-10-17)

  • added shortcode attribute to set multiple columns for categories
  • added wrapper div around full shortcode content

0.5.2 (2014-06-19)

  • added option to set required user role to manage links

0.5.1 (2014-04-27)

  • added option to set required capabilities to view LinkView-About page
  • some small changes in option handling

0.5.0 (2014-03-31)

  • changed plugin dir structure
  • some internal code changes
  • splitted admin page in about and settings page
  • some css improvements

0.4.4 (2013-11-11)

  • fixed required privilegs to show admin page and to edit css styles

0.4.3 (2013-09-01)

  • added shortcode attribute num_links to limit the number of displayed links
  • changed shortcode attribute link_order to lowercase (using uppercase letters is still working)

0.4.2 (2013-06-29)

  • added info message after changing the css settings
  • don’t use name as link item default when a not available item was choosen
  • added tooltips for widget options on admin page

0.4.1 (2013-02-16)

  • Added new attributes “list_orderby” and “list_order”
  • Fixed an error in the slider javascript which causes problem in IE 6 and 7
  • Reorganized some css styles
  • Use ascending list ids instead of random number

0.4.0 (2012-12-26)

  • Internal code changes
  • Changed admin page layout and help texts
  • Splitted attributes table on admin page into different sections
  • Added attributes “css_suffix” and “link_items”
  • Added option “css for linkview”
  • Fixed target in links
  • Fixed html-code for defining image size

0.3.3 (2012-12-16)

  • Enable link manager (required for WordPress 3.5)
  • Include WordPress 3.5 in version information

0.3.2 (2012-10-14)

  • Fixed queue of jquery which is required for the slider (in the old version the bad inclusion can cause issues with themes or other plugins that uses jquery)

0.3.1 (2012-07-28)

  • Fixed all php-warnings
  • Added attribute “exclude_cat”
  • Added help text for LinkView widget

0.3.0 (2012-07-01)

  • Added widget to show shortcode with all options in a sidebar
  • It is possible to have multiple slider on one site now
  • WordPress internal jquery script is used, the plugins jquery script is removed

0.2.5 (2012-06-17)

  • Renamed admin class to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Added possibility to set multiple categories in attribute “cat_name”
  • Changed sorting of categories to alphabetic order, if no cat_name is given

0.2.4 (2012-04-22)

  • Show link name and link description in tooltip text, when the mouse is over the link

0.2.3 (2012-04-14)

  • Added attributes “vertical_align” and “list_symbol”

0.2.2 (2012-03-25)

  • Added attributes “slider_pause” and “slider_speed”

0.2.1 (2012-03-18)

  • Fixed bug to show correct image size in image list

0.2.0 (2012-03-17)

  • Initial support to show the links in a slider
  • Added attributes “view_type”, “slider_width”, “slider_height”

0.1.1 (2012-03-03)

  • Modified html-output of link list (use own function to render output for more flexibility)
  • Added attributes “show_cat_name” and “target”

0.1.0 (2012-02-27)

  • Initial release