ReactPress – Create React App for WordPress


Easily create, build and deploy React apps into your existing WordPress sites.

Get started in seconds and develop your React app with instant feedback and your WordPress theme in mind.

Combine the flexibility of WordPress with the UI capabilities of React and seamlessly integrate create-react-app into your WordPress project for your next SaaS.

ReactPress does 3 things:

  • It integrates your local dev server into your WordPress theme, that you have instant feedback, how your React app looks in the context of your WordPress website.
  • It builds your React app in a way that it is usable from your WordPress site.
  • It makes it easy to upload your app to a live server after building.

System Requirements

To develop React apps your WordPress instance needs access to:

  • Access to the PHP function file_get_contents. Some hosting providers deactivate fopen on which file_get_contents depends. Access to file_get_contents is neccessary on your dev and your live system!
  • POSIX compatible system, Windows support is experimental. (Alternatively Windows users can use WSL2)


Active development of this plugin is handled on GitHub.


You find a more detailed getting started guide at:
Getting Started With ReactPress

To create and deploy your first app:

  1. Install ReactPress on your local WordPress installation.

  2. In your command line use npx create-react-app [your-app-name] in the apps directory of ReactPress, e.g. [path-to-WordPress]/wp-content/reactpress/apps/my-app

  3. Reload the ReactPress admin page and add a URL Slug for your app.

  4. In the command line start the React app with npm start or yarn start.

  5. Develop your app, changes will automatically hot reloaded.

  6. When you are finished, build the app from the command line. You can now see your app embedded in your WordPress instance. Open it at [your-domain]/[your-slug].

  7. To deploy, Install ReactPress on live WordPress site.

  8. Upload the build folder from your dev system under .../wp-content/reactpress/apps/[your-app-name] to the same directory onto your live server. No need for create-react-app.

  9. Reload the ReactPress admin page and add a URL Slug for your app.

  10. Open the React app under [your-domain]/[your-slug].

Repeat steps 6 to 10 when you have new releases you want to deploy.


  • Empty admin view.

  • The new React app is created.

  • The local React dev server is running on port: 3000. Every change will hot reload immediately.

  • The React app is deployed on the public server.


  1. Like any other plugin install via Plugins/Add New. You can download the plugin via admin or upload it to the plugins directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How do I make react-router work

To make client-side routing work, follow this guide: Client-Side Routing with ReactPress

Where do I go for support on your plugin?

Please visit our support forum and search for your problem. If you can’t find any help there, feel free to create another topic.

Is ReactPress compatible with my theme?

ReactPress should work with every theme. Depending on the page template you choose you will have a clean slate without any styling or a normal page that inherits the styling of your theme.

You can than style your React app with every styling solution for React that best fits your needs.


November 21, 2022
This plugin was an absolute lifesaver for me. I had a React client project and almost did know nothing about WordPress. This plugin saved my ass.
October 21, 2022
It is totally easy to add your React app with this plugin. Worked like a charm for me!
May 9, 2022
I just got mine up and running in about 30 minutes. You have to maintain the file structure — you can't serve images from a relative URL since the canonical URL on WP will be different from your local build — but that's fairly easy to fix. If you need to upload the SVG file from the example, try CloudConvert SVG to PNG and then upload your file to WP Media Library, then replace the relative URL in the example with the absolute URL from the image in your Media Library.
October 26, 2021 1 reply
it's great. it would be even better to insert the option of creating a photo gallery
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Contributors & Developers

“ReactPress – Create React App for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Allow child pages to be ReactPress pages, where a React app is embedded.
  • Add support for hosts that have turned the php.ini setting allow_url_fopen to off.
  • Don’t delete options when uninstalling plugin.


  • Use relative file names for templates, to allow different folder configurations. Thanks to
  • Improve system requirements


  • Don’t show encrypted user password on frontend.
  • Improve Windows compatibility


  • Add totally clear canvas template. This template doesn’t get any styles and scripts from WordPress. Good if you want to embed a totally independent React app.
  • Add nonce and base rest_url to global ReactPress variable.
  • Fix loading of global ReactPress variable.
  • Improve Windows compatibility
  • Securtiy fix: don’t show encrypted user password


  • Improve Windows compatibility


  • Add an app to an existing page
  • Make client-side routing optional, thus allowing child pages of a React app
  • Improve documentation
  • Use a React app in more than one page
  • Revamp the admin page to be cleaner and a React app itself
  • Add PHP namespaces
  • Use create-react-app in the admin area for dogfooding
  • Add post state label to signal the user a page was created by ReactPress
  • Test with WordPress 6.0.2


  • Swap file_get_contents for wp_remote_get.

  • Create custom routing for react-router based on slug of the reactpress page.

  • If the folder of an app is deleted, it is shown as type: Orphan


  • Move apps directory to wp-content/reactpress/apps to don’t mess with the created app when updating the plugin.

  • Remove possibility to create new react apps from the admin. From now on there is only the command line workflow.


  • FIX: Template incompatibility with Elementor and some other plugins. Thank to the great answer of Sally CJ

  • FIX: Problems if document root and plugin app directory are on the same machine/server/locationn


  • Revamp the process of adding using ReactPress. Don’t start the react app anymore, only update the index.html from WordPress admin. Make it possible to add apps manually with npm or yarn.

  • Add fallback if we can’t find the plugin directory programmatically.


  • Test with WordPress 5.7

  • Insert the current user object to the global window object in Javascript, to have it accessible without a call to the API.

  • add .env with CHOKIDAR_USEPOLLING=true to ensure watcher works with VM

  • Use npm instead of yarn.


  • Check for if it allows shell_exec and exec

  • npm -v >= 6.0.0 is reachable from WordPress

  • Find out if we are in a Windows environment

  • Deploy app to production

  • Add TypeScript/template support

  • Delete app

  • Build app

  • Extend index.html in React app to look like WordPress site

  • Create new React app

  • Add React app in specified page